AdSense stopped working on my website

On May 20, 2016 after almost 10 years of being a happy, loyal user of Google AdSense my ad units suddenly stop working. Ads stopped displaying, impressions stopped being counted.

I searched my account and my websites for changes to code or notices of voilations. All is good … except AdSense ads are not showing on any of my websites!

I did find some ads on my YouTube channel. But my blogs (including Google’s blogger) and my hand-coded websites are only showing blank spaces where the ads should be.

I have been to the official Google AdSense forums. No luck. And they do not make themselves readily available to low earners such as myself. (which I can understand. But I truly believe this is a Google problem and they should fix it.)

For now there is about $55 sitting in my account waiting to be claimed. I don’t know if it is time to switch to another ad network or if I should give Google one more month to realize there is a problem and sort it out.

Update: June 23, 2016. A few days after becoming active in the Google AdSense Help Forum, my ads are back up and running and earning. It appears that after confirming I have looked over my sites for potential violations, using Google’s troubleshooter, and confirming that my account was indeed previously up and running and has been through all verification steps, somebody passed my message along to the correct people.

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