East Texas Design Webhosting is moving to Harmonious Hosting

I started East Texas Design Webhosting in 2007, as a courtesy for clients whose websites were too small to justify a standard shared hosting package. My plans started at just 50 cents per month and included enough space for a simple website with a database and email.

As times change, so do our needs. All but two of my clients have outgrown the need for super-small-scale webhosting. All East Texas Design Webhosting clients are urged to switch to my other service, Harmonious Hosting.


Introducing Harmonious Hosting!

I actually started Harmonious Hosting in 2005, a full two years before East Texas Design Webhosting! With Harmonious Hosting I have teamed up with the big guys to offer more products at better prices and 24/7 phone support.

Top recommendations for previous East Texas Design clients:

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  • Managed WordPress

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