Operating Systems

Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 Upgrade – Things to know.

I have run across so many articles lately that are geared to and encourage you to upgrade to Windows 8.1 instead of sticking with Windows 8. I finally gave in and made the switch on my own computer last night (January 16, 2014) so that I can make more informed recommendations to my clients. Here…

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Windows 7 Professional – I finally have it!

I just got my new Studio15 from Dell and it came complete with … (drum role please) … Windows 7 Professional! As an XP lover who cringed at every Vista computer I had to touch at the office, I was a bit worried about what Windows 7 was going to throw my way. I admit,…

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Windows 7

I am very eagerly awaiting my chance to use Windows 7  🙂 … Like many people, Vista left me with a bad impression of where Microsoft is heading.  I even considered switching to a Mac or Linux machine if they didn’t get their act together. … Luckily I was not one of the millions of…

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