Currently looking into Shopify for one of my clients. I will give a full review when I am finished with my research, and possibly testing. My initial impressions are: Good Support Nice stores if you want to stick with the basics Unfortunately, they do not allow anything to customize the checkout process. This means we…

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New prices for East Texas Design webhosting

:: ATTENTION WEBHOSTING CLIENTS :: EastTexasDesign has recently updated our webhosting prices to better reflect our cost and time spent serving you. Customers paying on a 6-month or yearly basis should be pleased with the recent price drops. Customers paying on a monthly basis will see their bill go up by about 50 cents. Customers…

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Hello World!

There is a new guy on the scene, and that would be me. I filed this under the [Uncategorized] section, because I honestly did not see how an introduction fit into any of the existing categories. “Create a new Section,” you say. Not a bad idea, but I’ll wait before I start making a mess…

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