PayPal Buyer Credit

I am so happy with what greeted me on November 11 when I went to pay my PayPal Buyer Credit!

For over a year I have been enjoying PayPal’s Buyer Credit. But there have been a few features that bugged me. The popup box where you had to log in to GE Moneybank before making your payment, the 2-days in the future that you had to select as your payment date (a bad thing when you remember your bill the day it is due!), and the fact that payments MUST be made from a bank account – I mean come on. If it is through PayPal shouldn’t you be able to use your PayPal balance for payment?

Those 3 annoyances have made me avoid using PayPal as much as I want to – simply because I see it as a pain to pay the bills. (Yes, I am whiney when it comes to stuff like this – I expect PayPal to make my life easier than other credit providers do.) But when I logged in today – All 3 of these annoyances were gone!

Finally, PayPal Buyer Credit payments work the way I expected them to from the start:

  • I log in to my PayPal account
  • I click to pay my bill
  • I, in the same browser window/tab, select how I want to pay it (PayPal or my bank account)
  • I select any reasonable date I want – including today’s date.
  • I click submit, and the payment is done!

I just wanted to publicly tell PayPal thanks for making these changes 🙂