Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 Upgrade – Things to know.

I have run across so many articles lately that are geared to and encourage you to upgrade to Windows 8.1 instead of sticking with Windows 8. I finally gave in and made the switch on my own computer last night (January 16, 2014) so that I can make more informed recommendations to my clients. Here are some of the things I have noticed and changes I have had to make:

Log in as a local user – not your Microsoft Account

I was very frustrated to see Microsoft’s insistence that I use a Windows Live account to log in to my PC and that I have some files stored on their Sky Drive. Yes, the convenience of being able to access certain settings and files from another computer would be nice. But to use a Windows Live account over my whole PC? Sounds like a security nightmare waiting to happen. Instead I use a unique password to log on to my computer and have a Dropbox account for the files that I need to see when I am on the go.

If you already signed in with a Windows Live account and want your regular, local account back:

Windows 8.1 does not make it obvious how you can sign in with your old ID. Instead, immediately after the upgrade you find yourself cornered into signing in with a Windows Live ID. But never fear! It is pretty easy to switch back to a non-live local account:

  • Step 1: Save and close any open documents. You will be forced to log in to your “new” account at the end of this process. (In reality, it will be the same old account. You will just use the preferred local login info.)
  • Step 2: Go to “Start” (easiest way is to click the Win key) and type the word “your”. Among the search results should be a link to “Your account settings”. Click it!


  • The next screen you are taken to will include a Disconnect button. Click it.


From here the process should be pretty easy to figure out. Following screens will have you:

  • Enter your old Windows Live info one last time. (to verify that you are authorized to make this change)
  • Enter your local account’s username, password, reconfirm password, and password hint.
  • And a screen explaining what will happen when you make the changes official. – Read this carefully. No data should be lost, but depending on how you set up your Win8 and 8.1, you might have to log on to sky drive to retrieve some files.
  • Click “Sign out and Finish” and you are done!

You can easily switch back to logging in with a Windows Live account later. Another search for “Your” and click on “Your account settings” will bring you to a page where you can connect to a Microsoft Account.


Another option would be to create a new user that will sign in using a Live ID, by selecting “Other Accounts” in the above screen.

Bringing Back Libraries

I have come to enjoy the convenience of linking to my pictures and other important documents through “Libraries”. (You can even create your own “libraries” to link to other things that are important to you.) By default, Libraries are hidden in Windows 8.1 . To bring them back:

  • Open File Explorer (in other words, open a folder.)
  • Click “View” then “Options”
  • In the window that pops up, select to “Show Libraries”. Apply and click OK.
  • Your libraries should be back now!


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