Amazon Associates Affiliate Program – Experiment 4

I love that the WooZone plugin combines my favorite aStore features with the ability to style and make listings look like they are a part of my site. It is so convincing that brand owners have contacted me for help figuring out who is selling their products.

My plan is to use this plugin for Experiment 3 until it proves itself profitable, then I will license a second copy for Experiement 4.

WooZone plugin for WooCommerce NOT using on-site cart,

The WooZone plugin comes with two options. You can use the on-site cart, which sends a pre-filled cart request to Amazon when you check out. Or, the link can open on Amazon’s website (or in the Amazon App) each time a customer clicks “Buy Now.”

For AlrightAmusements, I plan to use the second option.

  • The WooZone plugin will sync items selected by me into WooCommerce.
  • Depending on the visitor’s device and how it is configured, clicking “Buy Now” can open the Amazon product listing in their browser or it can launch the Amazon App.
  • AlrightAmusements averages 80 visitors per month, 4% mobile

Amazon Associate Experiments

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