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To help cover the time and money that it takes to run this website, East Texas Design participates in two advertising programs:

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Our audience is small, but very targeted.

  • The majority of East Texas Design visitors are Do-It-Yourselfers looking for help with technical problems.
  • We get a few visitors per month who are looking to hire help with their website. Usually in or within a few hours of East Texas.

Notice: I reserve the right to remove your ads if at any time I find your ads to be distasteful or distracting or your company to be less than reputable. Refunds will be at my sole discretion. Any companies who wish for me to try and write a review on their product, software, or service should understand that #1, I will be honest in my review and #2, I will let readers know up-front if you asked or paid me to try your product.

Other Affiliate Type Links

There are other affiliate links scattered throughout this website. I am careful to be honest in my reviews and often don't even look for affiliate opportunities until AFTER I have decided a product, software, or service is worthy of my referral.