RankMath SEO Course Review

RankMath SEO recently announced their new SEO Course! As a website manager with mostly self-taught SEO skills and very little formal training, it sounded like a good way to fill in some of the gaps.

RankMath SEO Course Review - Building a strong foundation

RankMath SEO Course Overview

Chapter 1 starts slowly with some “very basic building blocks to a strong SEO foundation.” Things like the anatomy of a website address, purchasing your domain and hosting, setting up WordPress, initial RankMath configuration, and when to use pages vs posts.

These first few videos may seem redundant, but I encourage anybody with a paid subscription to go ahead and watch them. It only takes a few minutes and I guarantee that it answers some of the questions I often see in an SEO group that I am part of.

Chapter 2 gives a better understanding of terminology and how search engines work. This chapter mentions digital marketing strategies. It breaks down the search engine results page and gives some interesting statistics on how well different placements may perform.

Chapter 3 is where the lessons really get going! Starting with how to set up Rankmath and ending with valuable tips to help get the right pages indexed faster.

Chapter 4 focuses on understanding the different types of keywords and the intent behind them. This understanding will, in turn, help you understand the importance of each page on a well-rounded website.

Chapter 5 is where you really get to work, on keyword research. This chapter walks you through how to build a spreadsheet of keyword possibilities for your business or blog. It offers information about both free and paid tools, along with some common sense advice, to help you choose the best keywords to target in your writing.

Chapter 6 is one that I find most valuable for new and underperforming websites. This chapter focuses on site structure and authority to help you build a website that is easy to navigate, keeps readers engaged with relevant content, and is seen as a trustworthy source. (Just keep in mind that content is king! One of the most important steps to making sure your site is seen as trustworthy is to make sure that it is trust worthy.)

Did I learn anything from Rankmath’s new SEO course?

The downside of being self-taught in SEO (or anything) is that without a guided plan, you may not realize a tool or technique exists. And if you do not know that something exists, how will you know to learn about it?

As a person who has been working on websites for 20+ years and has been using Rankmath for a while, I already picked up on a lot of what was covered in the RankMath SEO Course lessons. This course served as a good reminder of methods that I had forgotten, and it was nice to have confirmation (or corrections) in places where I made assumptions.

And yes, I did learn a few things.

The RankMath SEO Course gave me:

  • Tips for planning my next website
  • Tips to help establish my websites as an authority on their topics
  • A more in-depth keyword research process
  • A better understanding of how to configure and work with my Rankmath plugin
  • And an eagerness to learn more when the next video comes out!

Time Commitment

As of late October 2023, RankMath has published about 3 hours worth of short but informative videos in their SEO course. Depending on your current skill level and other commitments, some people may be able to go through everything in a single day. Others could need weeks.

It took me 5 days to watch all the videos, take notes, and practice what they showed me. I plan to go through the videos one more time this weekend to see if I pick up anything else.

Ongoing Time Commitment

There is so much to learn about SEO, and it is constantly changing as search engines update their algorithms to help visitors find the most relevant content. Long-term, RankMath plans to roll out a new video every month. I suspect you will need to set aside several minutes every month to watch the videos. From there, it will depend on how any new tips and best practices apply to your website.

Is this course relevant if you do not use RankMath SEO?

Yes! Of course, the RankMath SEO lessons are designed to help you use RankMath to its fullest potential. You will get the most out of it using a paid version of RankMath SEO Plugin for WordPress. But keyword research and content organization are useful skills even if you don’t use an SEO plugin or WordPress.

I personally will be carrying much of the knowledge I pick up in RankMath’s SEO course over to a Shopify site I am consulting on. That said, if you do not use RankMath for SEO, you may be better served by a more generic course or by searching for something specific to the platform and tools you do use.

RankMath SEO Course Price

As of writing this article, RankMath SEO Course is on sale for a little under $200 your first year. The normal price is over $225. You can access 3 paid lessons for free!

Try the RankMath and the RankMath SEO Course for free!

RankMath has always offered an impressive free version of their plugin. Now they are offering three free lessons to try out their SEO Course for free! These are the slower entry-level videos. Possibly boring for non-beginners, but it gives you a chance to see RankMath’s teaching style.

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