Stepping into AI: RankMath Content AI Review

I am so excited to share this review of RankMath’s Content AI!

I had the pleasure of using RankMath’s new Content AI beta last weekend. I have to say, so far I am impressed and excited to see how this will improve my publishing game!

I can see Content AI saving time as I try to decide how to start an article. It suggests content that I did not think of. When I had it help me write an article about caring for 4-week-old kittens, I would not have thought to write about where they are on their teeth development or fur color/patterns.

RankMath Content AI Review

Churning Out The Content

I personally run 20-something websites. There are hundreds if not thousands of post ideas bouncing around in my head. One of the benefits of letting AI write your articles is how FAST it can create content! Over the past week, I have drafted over a hundred articles for use on my various websites!

Notice I said, “Drafted.” I strongly believe in producing quality over quantity. Each article must be fact-checked and edited, and I will add images along with my thoughts on the topics. I will need to ensure everything is properly categorized, tagged, and fits the overall tone of my website, along with aligning with my beliefs. Then, I will be ready to give it one last look from the SEO standpoint before clicking Publish.

Yes, there is a lot of work left to do. But I want my articles to add value to the internet. I care about what I associate my name and reputation with.

Writer’s Block Be Gone!

Don’t have thousands of ideas bouncing around in your head? No problem. RankMath Content AI will even suggest post topics and outline the article.

RankMath Content AI Tools vs typing prompts into WordPress’s Block Editor

If you want to see what RankMath’s Content AI can do, you HAVE to dive into the AI Tools! There are so many things I am eager to try!

If you just want to generate a quick article, try typing your prompt into the block editor. Just like you can start your prompt with / to choose the block type, starting it with // brings you into Content AI

Type your prompt …

Give Content AI several seconds to do its research ….

Watch as Content AI writes the article for you!

Don’t forget to click Use …

Proofread and fact-check before clicking publish!

Article Quality

Most of the content I have generated with RankMath’s Content AI looks professional and well-written. A few of the results have been kind of out there, which is why I have to emphasize the importance of proofreading, fact-checking, and editing.

I love that I can change the tone by adding adjectives like “write a nostalgic blog post about ___” or “write an exciting article about ____.”

The importance of double-checking and examples of articles written with RankMath’s Content AI

Putting AI to the test, I had RankMath write me an article on the importance of fact-checking and editing your generated content. I cleaned up the wording in a few places and added a few sentences of my own. But overall, I think it did a good job writing about this aspect of itself.

I also used Rankmath Content AI to generate an article about the Pros and Cons of using AI to write your website article. Once again, I went in and added my own touches. But these are two examples of what you can do with AI.

I love that RankMath occasionally ends its content with reminders to fact-check, edit, and add your own content to their generated results.


Work with AI. Do not expect it to do all of the work for you.

Fact-checking, adding images, improving the format, these are how you transform generic AI-generated content into content worth reading.

Make sure your prompts are unique

When generating a lot of articles, make sure there is some variation in your prompts.

I used RankMath’s Content AI to draft a series of articles on state fairs. After a while, it felt like I was reading the same thing over and over again. Phrases and words that sounded good the first 5 times I read them became redundant. So my prompts grew from “write an article about the Alaska state fair” to “write a nostalgic article about the Florida State Fair” and “write a descriptive blog post about the Texas State Fair. Include contests, games, live entertainment, and what makes the Texas State Fair unique.”

Note: None of these articles are posted yet. It will take me a while to fact-check what goes on in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, etc… since I’ve never been. 🙂

The content was still closely enough related to feel like the same topic written by the same author for the same website. But prompting AI on what some of the articles could focus on helped create variety.

Any issues with RankMath’s new Content AI?

Buggy Plugin Incompatibility? I did have issues running RankMath AI on two of my websites. Every time I clicked the icon to use RankMath’s tools, I got the following box stating: “The editor has encountered an unexpected error.”

The editor has encountered an unexpected error. Button: Copy Post Text. Button: Copy Error.

The actual error when I click “Copy Error” appears to be related to minified Javascript. Deleting some old, buggy plugins from Envato seemed to clear things up.

The good news is that “Content AI Commands” continued to work even before I removed those buggy plugins. I could get generated content simply by starting my article with prompts like:

//write a blog post about how awesome RankMath is

Would I suggest RankMath’s Content AI?

For creators who have ideas but are short on time: 100% I would recommend RankMath’s Content AI for creators like me who are overflowing with ideas to create valuable content but lack the time to get that first draft together. I will always take the time to add my own touches and do a little fact-checking before I publish an article. But getting that first draft in is a time-consuming task too.

For creators who are experiencing writer’s block: RankMath’s Content AI Blog Post Idea button made some great suggestions when I clicked it for more ideas of what I can write with AI!

For those who are looking for a quick way to generate content in hopes that it will make their website wildly popular … I guess Content AI would generate content for you. But please, do not add misleading clutter to the web. If you are going to generate content, take the time to do it right.


I have to say, I like how Rankmath highlights the generated content block with a nice light purple background. This format is easy to read. When you click “Use” it converts to the regular WordPress Gutenberg blocks.

Final Thoughts

  • AI is a starting point. Not a replacement for putting in your own efforts.
  • I have years of half-baked article ideas. I look forward to leveraging the power of RankMath Content AI to get more of these started in writing!
  • It has been interesting for me to see how Rankmath interprets some of my prompts and expands on some of my ideas. I have even found myself generating articles for one “casual” site but deciding they sound so good, I need to transfer them to some of the more professional sites.

Do you use AI?

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