2021 Domain Names For Sale!

Time to clean out my domain name closet!

Below is a list of domain names that I simply do not have time to build/maintain websites for. I continue to renew them thinking that maybe some day I will have time.

Contact me or leave a comment below if you want any of these names. Comments are moderated. Domain name requests will not be published. Prices are non-negotiable unless otherwise noted.

— Michelle, East Texas Design

CarnyMaster.com – $20

Purpose: This website was to serve as my portfolio for carnival sites.

Reason for sale: No longer needed. I have another site that serves the same purpose.

MichellesMasterpiece.com – $50

Purpose: Portfolio for general web design and photography.

Reason for sale: No longer needed. I don’t have time to keep my portfolio up to date.

raining.review – $200
raining.reviews – $50
RainingReviews.net – $20

Purpose: General reviews website.

Reason for sale: I got the .com version! No longer need .review or .reviews.
Not 100% sure if I want to sell the .net , but I will if somebody buys the other two.

Note: Raining.Review is considered a premium domain name by the registry.

SantasMagical.com – $500

Purpose: Christmas themed website.

Reason for sale: I don’t have time for this project.

GallopingGrandma.com – $1,000

Purpose: It sounded like a fun name for future use.

Reason for sale: I have another name I like equally. Willing to sell or rent this one to the right person.

Quitman.info – $300
QuitmanSchools.com – $200

Purpose: Purchased because someone threatened to buy these names for bad purposes.

Reason for sale: I don’t really have any use for them. Price may be negotiable after speaking about why you should have rights to these names.

TEDSW.com – $5,000+

Purpose: I’ll keep that secret in case I ever have time to make this website a reality 🙂

Reason for sale: I don’t have time to build the site yet. Willing to negotiate if somebody wants it bad enough.

About Michelle Hestand

Michelle is a website manager in East Texas. She mainly works on websites related to health, traveling entertainment, and family life.

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