Adding domains to your Standard UCC SSL Certificate

These directions work on , a GoDaddy reseller.


A client has 3 Managed WordPress websites with SSL Certificates. Two sites have individual certs. One has the UCC SSL Certificates, which will cover up to 5 sites!

Certificates, domain names, and hosting are all under the same Harmonious Hosting account. The nice thing about keeping everything together? Much of the process is automated.

It is about time for one of the individual certificates to expire. My client has asked me to switch this site to the shared UCC SSL Certificate and cancel the individual cert’s renewal. Here are the steps I took:

  • Sign in the HarmoniousHosting (GoDaddy Reseller) account
  • Navigate to “My Products”
  • Expand the list of “SSL Certificates” by clicking the down arrow
  • Click “Manage” for the “Standard UCC SSL Up to 5”
  • Click the gear icon for “Rekey & Manage”
  • Click the + next to Add Subject Alternative Name
  • Type in the domain (no http, no www)
  • Click “+ Add”
  • Click Save
  • Scroll down and “Submit All Saved Changes”

Since the hosting, domain, and SSL certificates are all in the same account, Harmonious Hosting will be able to take care of everything else!

They say the process can take up to 24 hours. (for the SSL cert to start working on the new site) But it often only takes an hour.

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