Adobe Premier Elements 8.0

I recently saw an ad on craigslist searching for an “expert” in wordpress who had experience integrating videos.  This only rekindles my desire to learn more about video editing and web-friendly video formats.

While looking for affordable (or better yet – free) video editing software, I stumbled across a free trial of Adobe Premier Elements.  After a little research to figure out exactly what Premier Elements is, I decided to download it. Here are my initial, video-editing novice impressions:

At first, I was impressed. Adobe Premier Elements 8.0 appeared to be loaded with useful features. It looked slightly complicated to learn – but not too bad. For my first project I decided to see if it could handle a video made by my daughter’s kindergarten teacher. This video was in some sort of format that I had, so far, been unable to copy/reproduce. But I wanted to have a backup in case the original got scratched or something.

Although it was slow, to my delight Adobe Premier Elements had absolutely no problem with the .VOB and other file formats I threw its way 🙂

But, like I said, it was slow. I had to stop my project half-way through (maybe 30 – 45 minutes into it) to take my laptop elsewhere. When I got home, wondering if I could pick up where I left off or would have to start over – I couldn’t open Premier Elements any more. After restarting my computer, uninstalling, and reinstalling I kept coming back to the same result – Adobe Premier Elements was resource intensive but appeared to be working well for its initial use. Every time I have tried to use it since then, it appears to be loading and then it crashes.

After some research, I have found that this program crashes for a lot of people. I would suggest anybody interested in buying this program take advantage of the free trial at first.

By the way, if anyone is wondering – my laptop is an Inspiron E1505 with an Intel Centrino Duo processor and 2GB RAM. My operating system is Windows XP Media Center.

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