AdSense Auto Ads – An interesting idea. But how does it work out?

Google AdSense has launched their new “Auto Ads”, the most exciting improvement in AdSense since responsive ad units!

What are auto ads? They are pretty simple. You place the auto ads code snippet on your page once and the computers at Google will do their best to pick good placement for AdSense.

I decided to give this new feature a try on one of my lower traffic blogs, .

My initial impression?

  • Very easy to use – big time saver when I am not sure where to place ads
  • Good ad-to-content ratio
  • Less than perfect selection of which paragraphs to break up with ads

Overall decision:

Google claims that you can leave your existing adsense code in place, and they will take that into consideration when deciding where to put their ads.

I am very picky about where my ads fall in the header and right sidebar of my sites. – I rely on Adsense income for “extras” like my daughter’s glasses. I want the ads to do well, but I do not want them in the way of my readers.

I will eventually modify UnfairMom to use a mixture of Auto Ads and my manually placed AdSense.

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