Best Skype call experience

My co-workers and I are heavy skype users. It is a convenient way to keep up with quick notes and a cheap way to speak with our workers across the globe.

The biggest complaints I have heard are:

  • Inability to remove someone from your list without blocking them. (When you try to simply remove somebody from your contacts, they are forever stuck in the “pending” contacts list. Unless they agree to delete you in return.)
  • Inability to remove old messages. Seriously, sometimes an hour isn’t long enough. Multiple times I have come back the next day with a new perspective, wishing to remove an old message.
  • And the call quality when speaking to others through Skype.

The first two will likely be a problem for a long time to come. But I have found a way around the call quality issues.

I can’t tell you how many times speaker, microphone, and feedback problems have taken over what should have been a short, sweet conversation.

It turns out that our smart phones may be a much better way to handle voice calls through Skype.

I personally do not want work messages to follow me everywhere I go. I have Skype installed on my iphone, but I keep it turned off unless I need to check in or have a meeting scheduled.

When I do turn skype on on my iphone, the result is often a clear call with even better quality than using the regular cell phone feature. (Did I mention that I am in a small town with bad signal?)

Add my earbuds with built in microphone and my call is a hands-free experience that leaves me free to type important notes or scratch that itchy spot behind my puppy’s ears.

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