Hostgator – I always come back to you

Being a full-time webmaster for a wide variety of websites, I have had the oportunity to work with many webhosts and registrars.  I have found that the contents included in a package and level of service can vary greatly.  And you don’t always “get what you paid for.”

Although it has problems, HostGator is the company I have always come back to and plan to stay with for many years to come.  Here is why:

Reasonable Prices for the Features

True, Hostgator is not the cheapest hosting company.  But with prices starting under $10 per month ($4.95 per month when you prepay 36 months at a time) they are considered very reasonable. – EVERY cheaper company I have tried (and even some of the more expensive ones) had limits that drove me away within a month.

Being in charge of 20 something websites, I chose to get a reseller account from HostGator. Once again, the price and features are reasonable. They do set some limits that I don’t like: Such as I cannot “oversell” my space. (This means I have to watch how much space each account uses rather closely.)  And although they do offer private/dedicated IP addresses, I cannot purchase 1 IP to share between all of my websites. But the benefits outweigh these annoyances. — Some time soon I will probably upgrade to a VPS (virtually private server) for a nice balance between a reseller account and having a dedicated server.

Best Customer Service Ever!

Some hosting companies take a long time to respond, have unknowledgeable customer service reps, or are near-impossible to get hold of when something goes wrong.

Hostgator, on the other hand, offers fast, friendly customer service from people who know what they are talking about. And my favorite part – they have someone ready to chat 24/7. The only other hosting company that has even come close to this level of service for me is GoDaddy. But they don’t offer support by chat.

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Michelle is a website manager in East Texas. She mainly works on websites related to health, traveling entertainment, and family life.

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