Quickbooks Enterprise Desktop: Align printed check information

When you print checks from QuickBooks, you may notice that the information is suddenly and severely out of alignment. Fixing this is pretty easy!

Test 1: Make sure your actual check is printed correctly

If you print blank checks in-house, the check paper may have markers to ensure that the routing number is lined up properly. As long as the routing number marker is in its proper box, the rest of the information should be good.

Test 2: Make sure your paper tray is loaded correctly.

Overfilling the paper tray or shoving the paper too far back can sometimes mess up the print alignment. It shouldn’t take long to double-check this.

Solution: Adjust print alignment in QuickBooks

Once you are sure the blank checks are properly printed and loaded, you can go ahead and adjust the check alignment in QuickBooks Desktop.

  1. Sign in to QuickBooks. If you have multiple company files, the account you are printing from will need to be opened as the primary. 
  2. Click File > Print Setup
  3. In the Form Name dropdown, select “Check/Paycheck
  4. Make sure the style is correct. (Voucher = 1 large check printed at the top of the page)
  5. Click the “Align” button on the right
  6. Enter the amount you want to adjust the check in hundredths of an inch. (To move everything up 1/8 inch, type 13. To move everything down 1/8 inch, type -13)
  7. Print a sample check and check the alignment.
  8. Repeat alignment steps as necessary.

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