Currently looking into Shopify for one of my clients. I will give a full review when I am finished with my research, and possibly testing.

My initial impressions are:

  • Good Support
  • Nice stores if you want to stick with the basics
  • Unfortunately, they do not allow anything to customize the checkout process. This means we cannot force some items to fall under specific payment types. (There may be an exception to this for enterprise customers, but enterprise accounts start around $2,000 per month. And you may still need to add apps on top of that.)

Try Shopify for yourself!


After much research and consideration, Shopify will not be a good match for my client. The biggest problem is that they charge an additional fee when you do not use their payment processor.

The rates to use their payment processor were fine! Unfortunately, the client that I researched shopify for is in an industry that their payment processor does not work with. (nutritional supplements)

I still hope for an opportunity to work with Shopify some day! In the meantime, feel free to leave your own reviews below.

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Michelle is a website manager in East Texas. She mainly works on websites related to health, traveling entertainment, and family life.

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