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I was without a home phone from March 2006 – October 2009. All that time I wanted one, but they are just too expensive in my small East Texas town. I spoke with my cable provider about their phone service, but they said that I would have to upgrade to their highest speed internet, which once again, made it too expensive.

I finally gave in last month when my webhosting service sent me an email about voipo. I now enjoy unlimited phone service from my home for about $18 per month. (Would be less than $10 per month if I prepaid far enough ahead, but I wanted to try out the service before making a large investment.)

I am, for the most part, happy with my service from Voipo. They are still fairly new and have a few bugs to work out. But the customer service is friendly and their price is good. I haven’t had any real problems since the second week I used them. And even then I wasn’t sure if it was them or my phone.

If anyone is in the market for cheap home phone service, and if you have a high speed internet connection, I would suggest you give them a try. Please the banner above so that I can earn a commission for referring you. Let me know if you sign up through that link and I’ll send you something to say Thank You 🙂

Also, I have been told that they sometimes have deals where if you tell them the number of the friend who referred you, you can get 1 month free. If a deal like that is going on, you can give them the number 9036380254 .

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